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ICT SECURITY : MALWARE THREATS : Affected Devices will be SUSPENDED from accessing UM Network EmailConvert to pdf

There is a sharp rise in Malware attack (Malicious Code) on Campus network since September 2019.

These may be due to increase in number of compromised / infected gadgets (hand phones and other mobile devices) accessing our network.

This incident has resulted in our UM IP Address being:

  • Black listed and blocked by many organizations
    (users will suddenly realise that they can no longer have access to certain sites-Social Media, Games etc )
  • labelled as having Bad IP Reputation.
    Bad IP or Bad Domain Reputation will create lots of problem in ensuring deliverability of our messages on the net. In other words , in a few occasion we even got blocked by Google from sending email from within our Campus Network.

To resolve this issue, we will have to suspend and or terminate access of the affected devices without further notice.


Increased in Cyber Security Incidents Back Again During Q3 & Q4 2019


Average Number of Users and Traffics per day : 2019


For more detail on ICT Rules, please click 


#Together we ensure our campus safe & secure

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