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The Google Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors:
  • Learn about innovative Google products and programs
  • Plan and host fun events on campus
  • Act as a campus contact for Google teams
  • Help Google better understand each university’s culture

For more details, please read and follow the instruction below:-

Are you thrilled by new technology?
Are you enthusiastic about Google products?
Are you knowledgeable about your school and motivated to bring new opportunities to your peers?
Do your friends call you a natural leader?
If so, the Google Campus Ambassador role may be a perfect fit for you!

The Google Campus Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for you to represent Google on your campus. Google Ambassadors have some structure and a lot of freedom to figure out the best ways for Google to get involved in their universities.

If chosen to be a Google Campus Ambassador, what do I need to do?
  • Work closely with Google teams
  • Help Google to better understand your campus culture
  • Identify events on your campus in which it is beneficial for Google to participate
  • Help manage and ensure the success of Google events on campus
  • Maintain regular communication with student councils and career offices to raise Google's visibility on campus
  • Spread the word about competitions, internships, scholarships and other opportunities • Test products and features
  • Promote product use and new product launches to students
  • Be a source of knowledge for your university about Google products What are the qualifications?
This opportunity is open to students from technical and non-technical studies.

Google Campus Ambassadors must be:
  • Currently enrolled in a college/university
  • Pursuing a BA/BS or MS degree
  • Passionate about technology
  • Actively involved in student life on campus
  • Able to communicate effectively in English

What is the time commitment?
  • One academic school year (the programme launches in Fall 2012)
  • Approx. five hours per month
  • Three to four events per year

As a Google Campus Ambassador, you will:
  • Receive regular updates about exciting new Google products / features, programmes and announcements
  • Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and communication skills
  • Be eligible to participate in special Google events, product trainings and be considered for local internships
  • Exchange best practices with ambassadors from other schools and disciplines
  • Add the Google Campus Ambassador Programme experience to your resume
  • Get your own Google SWAG

Sounds great, how do I apply? Our search queries usually complete in about 0.07 seconds. This might take a bit longer. Tell us why you’ll shine! 

The application process is by invitation only. Please submit the form below if you are interested to apply.

Closing Date: 15 February 2012 Short-listed candidates will be notified within 10 weeks from the application closing date and be invited for an interview.

Please contact Mahadi Hj Sibon at if you need further information.

Online Forms:

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